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About Me

Hola, my name is Adriana and I live in Highland Park.  I come from Uruguay but I also lived in Canada for 5 years. I came to New Zealand in 2008 with my husband Alex and my daughter Florencia, and then 11 months later my son Sebastian was born.  

I have always wanted to be a teacher since I was little, and through life I’ve had many different jobs, but I always like to be with children.  Once I had my son I started caring for other children, and this is when my career as a Homebased Educator started.  I have learnt how to be a teacher with support from other professionals, and also by doing my Level 4 Certificate in Early Childhood Education.

As a family we like to go to the beach and parks, and enjoy being outdoors.  As a child I spent a lot of time outdoors with my Mum and my Grandmas, so this makes me feel peaceful – in the garden, planting, growing and collecting things.

I also love to cook my home food from my country so that my daughter can remember her connections to Uruguay, and also for my son to have that experience as he has never been there yet.

Growing up in Uruguay my house was always full of children from the block, and my Mum was always cooking and making food for celebrations.  So for me, caring for others, connecting and enjoying special times together is so important. I welcome you to my family home and your children are treasured just like my own. 

Weekly Play Experiences

For the children in my care I want them to feel safe and happy, and know that they can come to me any time.  I offer them a secure base to grow from.  Relationships are the key.

I enjoy when children see something new or different and their face is full of wonder!  They can imagine and enjoy it.  Their interest in something starts as a little thing, and as they grow then their love and imagination of this grows too.

I like to use natural elements in our play. We pick flowers, see birds and hear them singing, notice the little things and take our time.  I involve children in the full circle of planting, care, harvest, preparation, cooking and eating.  And through this I build in other knowledge with conversations, learning to cut, count and measure.  Life skills are learnt by doing things together – to teach children it is a whole experience, teaching and guiding from a young age, step by step, building skills and confidence. 

I believe in possibilities with play!  We all learn together.  Children are creative and have amazing ideas.  Even sometimes when you plan something  they have other ideas and this is the most precious part.

Stems FROM HOME Programme

Stems FROM HOME run a varied weekly programme that all of our Educators and whānau are welcome to attend. This includes; 

Playgroup, Little Groovers Music, Korikori Tinana/Active Movement, Kaititiro Whenua (community explorers), and Art in The Park.  We also frequently visit the local Rest Home and O Wairoa Marae, and do workshops for the children at Bunnings. All information is shared in our term flyer.

House Keeping

* First Aid/Civil Defence Kit * Cot/bed * Highchair * Car seats

* Personal linen and hand towels

* A quiet home environment, in which children are able to have really good naps (if needed). If your child has a dummy or security object for sleep time, please send these inside their bag.

* Programme planning and monthly learning stories about your child’s individual learning and development, by using Educa (online portfolios).

* A change of clothes as we like to fully experience everything we do!

* A hat and sunblock in summertime. Please apply sun block to your child in the morning and I will reapply during the day.

* Gumboots and a raincoat for the rainy months

* Sufficient nappies, wipes/cream, bibs, and feeding bottles

* A healthy packed lunchbox and a water bottle

Please remember to bring along your child’s Stems Journal. These
are a useful communication tool for sharing daily entries about your
child’s day, care routines, happenings and up-coming events).

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