What We Do

What We Do

Stems FROM HOME has two branches. East Auckland/ Franklin (Howick office) and a branch in Canterbury (Rolleston office). East Auckland has been operating since 2011 and we grew into Canterbury in 2016. Stems FROM HOME is now a very well established home based care service that has a great local reputation within the communities it is part of.

We are very well respected locally for welcoming and mentoring only the best Homebased educators by following thorough application processes, over and above Ministry of Education requirements.

Our individualised learning programmes are tailored specifically for each infant, toddler and young child enrolled with Stems, drawing on each In-Home educator’s personal strengths and the diverse and changing interests of the tamariki (children.)

We have many satisfied families and settled educators, call us today (0800 78 33 78) to see how we can meet the needs of and deliver on your family’s aspirations for your growing pre-school aged tamariki (children)…….and create so many beautiful memories with everyone.

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Home Based Services

Stems FROM HOME provides both full and part-time (minimum 12 hours per week) childcare options, tailored to each individual family’s needs. We are based in two locations in New Zealand. East Auckland/Franklin and Canterbury. We charge no placement fees, meaning that you only pay for the service you receive from your family’s chosen home based educator, once your tamaiti’s (child’s) enrolment begins.

Meet Our Educators

Our Programme

We offer free private Playgroups, music and movement group, swimming, gym classes and nature explorers sessions as part of our homebased childcare programmes. Your tamaiti (child) will receive a daily diary created by their Educator, a monthly learning story and a monthly learning portfolio entry, following a personalised visit from our trained and registered teaching team.

The Heart

Stems tamariki (children) are at the heart of everything we do, every day.

Once families and homebased educators join the Stems FROM HOME family, and are settled into their natural rhythms in their ‘home away from home’, they can access social hapori (get-togethers) and participate in a range of other monthly community based learning opportunities. These include playgroups, music and movement sessions, gym and swimming classes and numerous outdoor learning experiences, all underpinned by the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum Te Whaariki.

The Body

As each young tamaiti (child) is unique, so is each home based educator’s weekly programme for the tamariki (children) in their home for care. Supported by the Stems team, each homebased educator individually plans regularly for the young tamariki (children’s) learning based upon observations they have made of the tamariki (children’s) current interests, strengths and stretches. Whanau (family) will be asked to contribute to this process regularly, as it is essential to work together to support each tamaiti (child) on their learning and development journey.

Te Mahi

As each young tamaiti (child’s) learning journey is so unique, it is important that snapshots of individual fun, learning and development are recorded for and communicated to whanau (family) to enjoy with their tamariki (children). This needs to be done in a way in which whanau (families) and the Stems team can reflect and evaluate where each tamaiti (child) has been and where they need to go next, therefore supporting their learning and growing it in new directions.

Stems Educators utilise a daily education diary, to ensure basic care routines and special moments are communicated between the tamaiti (child’s) home and the care home. An online learning portfolio is also created and regularly updated, for each Stems tamaiti (child).

Join Us

There are many choices for child care and Home Based child care within the regions of East Auckland/Franklin and Canterbury today. Which provider you trust to really understand your needs when supporting you to choose the ideal In home educator for your young tamaiti (child), plays a huge part in the ongoing care and service your family, and the educator you select, receives. There is a remarkably big difference between homebased child care and QUALITY Home based childcare. We want you to have only the very best for your infant, toddler or young child. As an Educator, we want to receive the best support and guidance possible too.