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About Me

Hi, my name is Audra.  I am a mum to 3 older children, of which 2 are at home but are out the house for the majority of the day.

I have been looking after and educating children for over 30 years, 15 of those years as the owner of my own kindy and creche in South Africa.

I am big on passions and a loving environment.  Children may not always remember what you teach them, but will always remember how they felt about themselves when you were with them.  My home is their haven and each child through it leaves their footsteps, giggles and memories that make us smile. 

When the children are not in my care I like to read and research any subject that I find interesting.  I am very fond of watching dance and spend a lot of my weekends at competitions or workshops that my daughter and some of my previous care children are involved in.  Any and all spare time is spent with my own children who are the love of my life.

Weekly Play Experiences

Our weekly programme is hugely child led and play based. We learn based on children’s passions and add to existing knowledge to spur those passions on. 

Younger children and babies spend the day in a routine that lends itself to exploration, messy play and free play with equipment that promotes imagination, music, movement and story telling. 

Pre-schoolers have access to all of the above to allow freedom of play. They also have 2 or 3 short periods a day of play that is more directed towards school  readiness.  Building their minds, brains, bodies and excitement as school approaches.

Stems FROM HOME Programme

Stems FROM HOME run a varied weekly programme that all of our Educators and whānau are welcome to attend. This includes; 

Playgroup, Little Groovers Music, Korikori Tinana/Active Movement, Kaititiro Whenua (community explorers), and Art in The Park.  Stems FROM HOME also frequently visit the local Rest Home and O Wairoa Marae, and do workshops for the children at Bunnings. All information is shared in our term flyer. 

House Keeping

* First Aid/Civil Defence Kit

* Age appropriate sleep furniture

* Car seats

* Personal linen and hand towels 

* A quiet home environment, in which children are able to have really good naps (if needed). 

* Programme planning and monthly learning stories about your child’s individual learning and development, using Educa (online portfolios). 

A change of clothes as we like to fully experience everything we do! 

* A hat and sunblock in summertime. Please apply sun block to your child in the morning and I will reapply during the day 

* Gumboots and a raincoat for the rainy months 

* Sufficient nappies, wipes/cream, bibs, feeding bottles and special security objects 

* A healthy packed lunchbox and a water bottle 

Please remember to bring along your child’s Stems Journal. These are a useful communication tool for sharing daily entries about your child’s day, care routines, happenings and up-coming events 

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